David R E Hunt   
456 West South Street
Frederick Maryland
The Restoration of a Circa 1860 Brick Home
In the year 2000 I purchased this circa 1860 brick town house on a double lot in downtown Frederick Maryland. Here it is seen as it was left, with the restoration all but complete. It took near six years to get it to this point, working weekends and evenings.

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To see what it looked like when first purchased, click here.

Of the many tasks undertaken and repairs made include:

Point up cracks and losses to external morter joints with a soft lime morter

Install new gutter and downspout

Install Rustic Fence with Custom Slats

Remove up to 1/4" of paint from all trim and windows/sash in the house using a combination of heat gun and liquid stripper, then paint all said components

construct and install reproduction wooden basement windows

Remove entire radiator/ boiler system and electric water heater from the house and basement, along with the heating oil tank

Remove unsightly concrete stoop from front of house, as well as improperly graded patio from side yard

Replace first and second story floors (laundry and Bath) in rear of house

Divert copper plumbing pipes from perimiter of bathroom trim

Reconfigure and install gas dryer and washing machine

Remove cement tile siding from from rear wood clad portion of house

Remove first story walls at back of house and pour replacement foundation

Sand and Refinish all floors

Build custom kitchen cabinets and storage chests

Strip wallpaper from plaster wall, patch/replace portions of walls/ceilimgs, and paint.

Open/repair sealed fireplace and return to function

Obtain, strip and paint period doors; find and install period hardware

Makeover bath and install period sink

Level and seed yard, install raised flower beds

Install floor and finish attic

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