Federal Shaving Cup
This delightful federal period shaving cup, with it's extensive crazing and depiction of a barbers chair with it's minute detail, has an interesting history. At this time in America, porcelain had to be imported and was hence both expensive and dear.

It is common to find 18th century shards in 19th century excavations, due to it's expense and the esteem in which it was held.

This shaving cup, made in America at the time of the Declaration of Independence, is constructed of pottery in imitation of porcelain, hence it's crazing.

In recognition of pride in the establishment of their new Republic, the manufacturers inscribed the initials USA upon the base of the cup. This vignette of a barber shop is only about 1 1/2" tall, owning to the diminutive size of both the brush and in turn the artist who painted this scene.
.     David R E Hunt
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