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Blair Witch Fetish, from the movie "The Blair Witch Project"
Yes, that shoestring budgeted blockbuster, "The Blair Witch Project", was shot on location in  Seneca Creek State Perk, directly adjacent to my parents home in Boyds, Md.

As coincidence would have it, I had been visiting my parents at the time of the Blair Witch Project shoot, and happened upon, in the course of visiting those areas of the Park in which I had fished and romped as a  youth, various props and sets used during the production of the film.

Piles of rocks in the middle of a field, stick men strung up in trees, and some interesting sculptures consisting of bundles of wrapped vines ( yes, I thought, just as in the movie "rednecks aren't this creative"), not to mention an odd drumming or banging noise.  Boy Scouts, I assumed.

It wasn't untill some time later that I discovered what I had seen and experienced, and was foutunate enough to find this assembledge where I had seen it earlier, and adjacent to some locations  recognizable in the film.